Six to Sixty Months

Want to ensure that you receive your interest for the longest term possible?  Then choose a longer term from the trust deeds you see on the “View Trust Deeds” page.  Our terms range from 6 months to 60 months.  Typically a new investor will pick a short term trust deed, so that they can get used to the way a trust deed investment works.  Once you become more experienced, you will tend to pick the longer term trust deeds, because you do not want your money to sit idle after you get paid off.  Payoffs occur early most times, but sometimes you will be asked if you want to extend for another 12 months as the borrower needs more time to complete his or her exit strategy.  What if you want out early?  Well, give me a call, explain the situation, and I will see if we can get another investor to take over your trust deed.  The cost is $500 and covers the cost of the new title policy, the recording fees, the document prep fees, overnight mail fees, new loan servicing setup fee, etc.