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At Capella Mortgage we think we have developed a top level team that are very knowledgeable in hard money and AltQM/NonQM loans.  We lend on commercial real estate and residential real estate.  We lend on owner occupied and investor properties.  We save deals, pull off the impossible every week, and have earned the trust of thousands of investors and borrowers.  And we work really hard and spend a lot of money to make sure that we get it done right.

Capella Mortgage Team

Corinne Cordon – Owner and Chief Executive Officer Corinne (speaks Spanish). 

Corinne has in excess of 20 years experience in the mortgage industry. She manages the multi million dollar loans with Matthew, as well as the construction and commercial loans. She also directs the development of the software systems and is always looking finding ways to make the process more streamlined for the investors, borrowers, and staff.  Corinne’s principal job is to speak to new borrowers and determine if their request is something that our investors would want to fund.  Corinne also then reviews the loan data for compliance and accuracy before the processors pull the loan docs. Corinne manages the interactions with attorneys and vendors and continuously studies and researches the compliance issues mortgage companies face every day.  Her hobby was dancing for many years and she is proficient in ballroom, swing, country, and latin.  Listed below are videos of Corinne, her husband John, and her son Matthew, each dancing ballroom in a competition.


Matthew Dale – Ext. 103 – Owner and Chief Operations Officer. 

Matthew is Corinne’s son and he has been in the business since 2008. He is a licensed loan officer and the broker and COO of Capella Mortgage.  He manages the pipeline of loans, manages the staff, and supervises issues that arise. He is in charge of advertising to bring in new loans. Matthew and Corinne work together closely to vet deals, and Matthew has the final word on whether a loan proceeds or is denied. Matthew is an active investor himself and he places investor safety on top of all else.  He prices all loans and sets the terms and conditions. Together, Corinne and Matthew have kept Capella Mortgage’s default rates down to one of the lowest in the industry.  Matthew loves golf and “drifting” his race cars.


Igor Matkovic is the Chief Technology Officer of Capella Companies and Capella Mortgage. A brilliant developer and IT professional that keeps the tech at Capella Mortgage running smoothly, Igor supervises all tech related issues, manages the outside developers, and keeps a strict lid on the security of our data. He is responsible for the development of the new MISMO requirements, HMDA, TRID, email security, and file ecurity. 


Troy Freeman is the Chief Investment Officer at Capella Mortgage, responsible for raising funds for deals, introducing investors to the Capella Mortgage process and handling investor inquiries.  Troy has owned his own private money firm from 2006 to 2010 and he is on the phone nonstop with investors.  Although the portal handles the majority of the investor reservations, Troy makes sure that he speaks to each investor on a deal, explains the nuances of the deal, and manages the wire process.  He and Sherry Eno handle the servicing company relationship and ensure that investor’s concerns are dealt with in a timely manner.


Angela is a processor with many years of hard money experience.  She previously worked with Troy at his company, and loves, loves, loves her job.  Angela is responsible for balancing settlement statements to the Closing Disclosures, reviewing the data for errors before it goes to docs, reviewing documents from escrow and the borrower, checking the secretary of state records, working with escrow, and closing out files.


Sherry Eno – Ext. 109 ( Hispanic speaking) Post-Closing is the department that assists customers and investors on all files that have closed. From the time a loan is recorded with the county, Sherry handles all the issues, questions, and follow-up required.  She handles the insurance on the properties and assists in closing out files and sending them off to the servicing company.


Gayle Whiting – Ext. 104 – Gayle is our conventional loan officer with experience in government loans and private money loans. She has been in the business more than 20 years and she is the underwriter on all soft money loans. She has to stay up on all of the latest regulations and laws regarding the mortgage process and is an integral part of our compliance team.


Carlos Lineras (Spanish speaking) Ext. 117 Carlos works with the borrowers collecting their information and paperwork.  He translates whenver necessary.  He works on both soft money and hard money loans.  He assists Matthew in getting the data from the customers into our system, and follows through on items that the processors need.


Monica Castillo – Ext. 106 – (Spanish speaking) Monica handles the pre-processing on a loan, saving documents to our system, and doing as much as possible before the loan hits the setup department.


Hamilton Lanca – Ext. 110 (Hispanic, Portuguese and English speaking) Hamilton is one of the team leaders for the soft money loan department and does double duty as an IT Tech. He helps the staff and Corinne with hardware and software issues, installs new software updates, and makes sure that the computers are protected from viruses and malware. He also assists with our Hispanic callers and can fill in wherever needed.


Marsix Zazueta (Spanish speaking) Ext. 105 is our senior processor on hard money loans.  Marsix knows every facet of the loan process. Marsix reviews all documentation provided by the borrower, analyzes it and puts it into the system. She deals with customers and assists with the process from start to finish. She also reviews all title work, approves the settlement statements, gives clear to close (in conjuction with management).


Dennis Zuniga – Dennis is the glue that holds us together.  He manages the office and the building, the tenant’s requests, gets us food, does the running, and generally does whatever is necessary so that we can keep working.


Craig Wheeler – also a family member, Craig has also passed the test to become a loan officer and is attending school in order to eventually get his JD.  He does analysis and research on our loans and assists in processing and helping the borrowers through the process.  As a family member, he is able to work with the investors, and together, he and Corinne originate loans.

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