About Us

Combined total years of experience at Capella Mortage is 45 years.

Marsix Zazueta, extension 321, (speaks Spanish, of course) is in charge of processing loan extensions and foreclosure paperwork. When borrowers need additional time to pay off their loan, Marsix will check the lien status of water, sewer, taxes, and HOA payments. She will then send a letter to the investor with the information and ask the investor whether or not he wants to extend. However, before extending, every single lien has to be paid and released, and every single bill has to be paid current (like the HOA dues.). If it is necessary to foreclose, just call Marsix and she will contact the title company to start the paperwork. The process is very simple, but very time sensitive. She also works with escrow to make sure the HUD is correct, the investor’s interest is correct, the fees are correct, and all of the documents are signed, and delivered to Capella from escrow.

Matthew Dale, extension 311 is our Investor Relations Manager – he’s been in the business for 17 years and he’s not yet 21.  That’s because he is the owner’s son! He will probably be the first person you speak to if you are an investor, as he will be calling to get your paperwork done.  He will help you to choose loans and he will make sure you get whatever paperwork  you need to make an informed decision.  There is paperwork before you become an investor, and paperwork for every deal.

Maria Gomez, extension 319, (speaks Spanish): loan officer for hard money and conventional/FHA loans.

Monica Castillo, ext 323: Processor for hard money.   She makes sure that everything is done on a loan while it is in processing:  she orders the insurance, gets the prelim, and prepares the record for loan docs and underwriting.  She verifies the documents that we receive, works with escrow, resolves questions, handles inquiries, and keeps everyone in the loop. She gets the customers a signing appointment, and does a lot of other last minute processing of the record.

Ricardo Castillo, extension 312: Senior Processor, Ricardo does the translating for the Hispanic loans.  He supervises the documents that the borrowers provide by checking the data and requesting more documents if necessary.

Monica Castillo, extension 324 (not related to Ricardo) does intake of new customers, preps the record for Corinne, gets all of the general data into the computer, processes the paperwork from the borrower, starts the file, and gives me an overview of the loan.  She also gets the customers a signing appointment, and does a lot of other last minute processing of the record.

Runner and Picture Taker: varies but currently Zack.  He visits almost every property (refinances, as new purchases have pictures on MLS)and takes pictures inside and out.  If something is wrong with the property, he lets me know.

Miguel Carranza, extension 309: Realtor for my real estate company called Right Now Realty Corp.

Alfreda Evans, my assistant, ext 302: if you really want to talk to me, or you really want to know where I am, or you really need to see me, then ask for Alfreda.  She is the gatekeeper and solver of the problems, opener of the mail, doer of the books, etc.  She is working on her master’s in Finance, has a B.S. in business, and is working on her MLO license.

ME, Corinne Cordon: I am the one that prices the loan with the customer.  I give them the rate, term and fees.  If I don’t like the borrower or the deal, I turn it down.  If I am satisfied, I put it on the website.

Rafael Trujillo, Processor, extension 317, processes hard money and conventional/FHA/VA loans, part time.

Josh Rubak, IT Tech, ext 320: tech guy, very smart, very thorough, and he can figure out your tech problems.

We all work right next to each other. Even though I might be on the phone, with a customer in front of me, I still know what is going on with the phones, so when you call, if you identify yourself and give a description of what you are calling about, the receptionist will be able to interrupt me with the info. Give some details to whomever answers the phone. They are sitting right next to me, and they can quickly relay the situation in about 8 seconds, and I can give them an answer in about 5 seconds, and wala! it’s taken care of. This is a time sensitive business, and many times we are juggling calls between investors, borrowers, title companies, and realtors, and the information we gather has to be quick and accurate.  Quality service and accuracy are paramount in our company.
I am the owner and broker. My resume is listed in the links on the first page, at the bottom or you can click here. Please feel free to call at 702-214-4700 and make an appointment to come in and see us and check out our operation. We are fully transparent, and would love to show you how we can make you some money.  You can talk to our investors, ask them the hard questions.  Trust me, anyone who has lost money on an investment wants to tell the world.  Ask around, you’ll be surprised at how many good things people say.  The complaint we get most often is that it takes us 24 hours to call people back.  Sometimes 48. But that’s only if you are waiting to speak to me.