Capella Methodology

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Part of our success is thanks to what we call Capella Methodology, which is our way of proceeding and dealing with our customers.

4 Key Points about the Capella Methodology

One investor per Trust Deed – unless the trust deed is over $800k.  Our larger trust deeds are usually more profitable, therefore, we encourage investors to invest in them with lower amounts, based on the investor’s net worth.  For example, for investors with net worth less than $1M, the amount allowed is usually $50k

Local Geographic Region Only – we operate in the southwest United States for residential loans, and in 35 states for commercial loans, which operate under different regulations.

Independent Loan Servicing – our loan servicing companies are not owned by, affiliated with, or have anything to do with Capella Mortgage Corp.  Current loan servicers are icFCI Lender Serves and Evergreen Note Collection.

Full Disclosure – Investors get to see all of our documents on our loans, and they receive the writeup from the owners of the company.  We have a secure app that notifies investors of different trust deed offerings and the ability to submit cases for things that are wrong or questions that an investor may have.

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Lending in Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming, United States of America