October 2018 Repeated

Dear investors: Please, please, please email all issues, concerns, complaints, questions, comments, etc etc to investorhelp@capellamtg.com.  Please note that it is “capellaMTG” not “capellaMAIL”.  What this does is create a support ticket in Salesforce and it allows me to track the issues that are being sent our way.  It has actually been the only way …

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Current Status

Dear Investors: We seem to have settled in with FCI, investors are getting their payments, and many of the investors who have logged into TrustFCI.com have been very happy with the information being they can see on their accounts. If you do not know how to sign in to FCI, you can contact them by …

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Complaints Questions Problems – How to submit them to us.

Complaints, Issues, Problems, etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…..if you want your problem/question/complaint answered, PLEASE do one of the following: A) send an email to investorhelp@capellamtg.com (do not send an email to Sherry, she has hundreds of basic questions coming in from investors every day, and using the new email address will send your request to our …

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Current Issues With FCI

Dear Investors: So, everyone is upset at FCI. No one has received any payments, and that includes us. However, I want to shed a different light on it. Yes, they have had some issues, but there is always more to the story and here is “the rest of the story”.