News June 2, 2019


1) I was checking my Google Adwords and I noticed that there are a lot of “returning users” to who are clicking on our google Advertising Link that costs between $10 and $20 for each click.  So, if you want to get to the portal, it is best if you type this in the address bar of google chrome (the best browser ever invented):  I actually just type and it figures it out and takes me to the portal.

2) Remember that you have to change your password as Iggy decided it was time.  If you don’t receive a password reset link (like me), then you have to email Iggy at

3) Please note that the iPhone AND Android Apps are ready for you on the App store and Play Store.  Just search for the words “Capella Investor”, and you will see our app. After it downloads, sign in with your same credentials and start reserving deals.

4) Also, please notice that you can turn in a support case directly from the portal by click on the menu item called Support.  If you watched my video you saw how those cases come in and are routed to the correct staff person. Hands down the best and fastest way to get an answer.

5) We will be rolling out a new telephone system during the month of June, which means it is even more important that you use the support tickets to get ahold of us.  Hopefully, our new phone system will not drop my calls at 2 minutes like RingCentral did.  It is a great time management feature to cut off my calls at two minutes, but it’s usually right at the most important part of the conversation. 

6) Please send in a support ticket indicating if you want to place an money into the Fund 1 or the Opportunity Fund (High Risk Fund).  The bank accounts will be open by the end of the week.  REMEMBER, we will list the PPM’s on this portal so you can read them, AND remember, that we are required to present the loans to the fund first before we put them on the portal for individual trust deed investors.  

7) Remember, the way of the trust deed is going “bye bye” if the title companies have anything to do with it.  Expect that you will only be able to get a 100% Alta Standard Policy.  We will continue to request the 125% Alta Extended Policies for you, but with the new rules the title companies implemented, they make the decisions. 

8) Remember I am in Colorado babysitting a construction project, so try to call Matt at 702-521-0321, or Connie, Riese, Monica, Hamilton, Carlos, Craig, Ernesto, or Alex at 702-214-4700.