Secured by Real Estate

Trust Deeds are liens placed on property that tell the world that the borrower owes the investor money.  As long as the trust deed is recorded (you will get a title policy that proves that it was recorded – state law in Nevada), then anytime a search of public records is run against that property, your trust deed will show up.  And if the property is sold, you get paid back.  And if the property is refinanced, you will be paid off.  Getting paid off is a process in itself.  You must verify the amount that you are owed (we will send you a payoff statement showing all of the numbers), and you must sign a reconveyance (piece of paper that gets recorded that removes the lien with your name on it, and those items are sent to the title company, and recorded when the money for the payoff has been received. That’s why trust deeds are “secured” – it is because the debt is ‘secured’ by being recorded with the county recorder’s office.