Why Capella?

The past 8 years have been the lowest prices – and still are – in 50 years.

THE OTHER THING YOU SHOULD DO IF YOU DON’T have a really large amount of funds to invest, is put your money into 5 year – or longer – loans. 


Because if you put your money into the shorter term deals, once the borrower pays off, how will you find another trust deed that is small enough for you to invest in?  Prices go up, that means loan amounts go up.  If you have many millions of dollars, it won’t be that big of a factor.

Why do we do trust deed lending differently than the other brokers?


We don’t put more than one investor into one deed of trust because we don’t want for you to have to fight, and struggle and dig and investigate to get to the bottom of what your co-investors are going to decide on: extend the loan? start foreclosure? raise the interest rate?  It will be rare that you have to foreclose, but what if you invested with a little old lady with a really sweet heart that won’t ever decide what to do? It’s your money – and it will be your profit – in the event of foreclosure, so I strongly urge you to go solo.


We never touch your money… it goes straight into the title company, and then the monthly payments go straight to Weststar Loan Servicing and from there, direct deposited into your account within 24 hours of receipt.

We are one billion times passionate about this, and there is not a single argument in the world that could convince me – or any accountant – that there is a reason to have the loan serviced in house.  Take a look at every single trust deed broker that is currently in jail. What is the one thing they did every time? They co-mingled funds.  That means they used their investor’s funds when it was time to pay payroll, or they said they invested the funds, and they went on a cruise.  I can do every bit of service any other broker can, and still use an independent, third party loan servicing company – that is – I repeat – not OWNED by me or my affiliates.  Look into the ownership – follow the trail of LLC’s and corporations – and make sure that a disinterested third party – who is regularly audited – is the one touching the money.


We show you everything in the file. You sign in to dropbox.com, which is our online file folder in the cloud, and you look at everything we look at, or you come into my office and I’ll show you everything in the file and explain what we look for, and why we decide on one borrower and not the other. Why?  It’s not like you are an underwriter….right?  (or maybe you are!)  But how are you going to learn how to spot a good loan if you don’t learn how to read a credit report.  There is quite a bit of security around the cloud, and you don’t get to look at anything until you are the registered, confirmed investor for that particular deal.  And you cannot download or print anything – who says that an identity thief won’t break into your house?  But you’ve got to look at what you are spending your money on, and I will teach you how to read the documents, so that you can understand why the borrower needs your money.


If a payment is missed, we don’t wait around trying to figure out what to do, or try to protect the borrower. Unless there is a really good reason for the late payment, we start foreclosure within 30 days. Nevada is a non-judicial foreclosure state. That means no court involvement and Nevada is also a “landlord friendly” state, unlike our big neighbor to the West.  If  you knew that you would be able to live “rent free” for 2-3 years before you were evicted from your home, what would you do?  Exactly!  That’s why our borrowers are told that I will begin foreclosure on day 29; I raise the interest rate to 24% on day 20; I charge a hefty late fee on day 6.  Not to punish, but to prevent.  If something happened, and there is a good reason for the late payment, then you and I will talk about it, and decide whether or not to waive the fees – one time only.


We don’t order appraisals.  How many appraisals saved you when the great crash hit?  Did those appraisals mean a single solitary thing?  Did they cost you $400 to acquire?  Did they guarantee that your property was worth the price you paid for it?  No!  With today’s technology I can have the value of any property within minutes.  However, if I am stuck, I will order an appraisal because there is other information in there that is informative.  But for a house that is being purchased for $80k, either the appraisal will come in at $80k or it won’t, but that won’t change the purchase price that the buyer and seller agreed to right? So why spend the money?

Frankly, we would not trust any trust deed broker that didn’t do it this way.  There are lots of laws on the books regarding these investments, but the laws only work if they are followed.  And first those laws must be read and understood.  Our commitment to you is that I, Corinne Cordon, care enough to read the laws, stay up to date on the laws, understand the laws, discuss the laws, investigate the changes that are going to be made in the law, and follow the laws to the highest degree possible.  And I am constantly teaching my staff the laws and the reasons why we have to do things the way we do them.

These investments are an excellent investment for your portfolio or retirement account. We place trust deeds on many beautiful properties, and sometimes at 20 or 30% loan to value, and we can teach you how to acquire Trust Deeds (TD’s) at low loan to values and receive 12% interest. I’ll teach you the inside secrets of this type of real estate investment so that you can make wise decisions. These are investments that pay a 12% interest rate fixed over the life of the investment – they are not variable. They require no thinking, no moving funds every month, no watching the market; simply choose the piece of real estate that you like, and lend less than 60% of the value of the property and earn 12% per year. If the investment goes bad, foreclose and own the real estate for less than 1/2 of what it was purchased for originally. You do need a trust deed mortgage broker though. As of 2009, only brokers can make hard money loans on residential real estate, and that is because the brokers must be able to follow RESPA, TILA, MIDA, SAFE ACT, HOEPA, DODD-FRANK ACT, AND SECTION 32. We are licensed with the state and federal government, compliant with all laws, and fast, fair and friendly to all. Their level of professionalism, customer service and ethical and honorable actions will be just what you’ve been looking for, and your return on investment will be just what you expect. This investment can be done with funds from your Roth IRA, self-directed IRA, 401K, checking or savings accounts, stock accounts, or any other accounts that have funds available. My friends all say that this best kept investment secret of the century, and they are probably right, but once you discover it and get a few under your belt, you won’t be able to stop!

Maybe the best thing of all……… there are no fees involved in this investment