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How to find private trust deeds

I always recommend you investigate the trust deed market for yourself, before you make any investment. To find trust deeds in your area, call a licensed mortgage broker, or do an online search on “Trust Deed Investments in ‘your city’ and ‘state’”. You’ll find plenty of options, but it’s important to make sure you only deal with properly licensed people. Check the broker’s licenses. In 2009, federal law changed and made it illegal for an individual who is not licensed as a mortgage broker to lend money on residential real estate. Residential real estate is defined as any 1 to

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No Worries in Trust Deed Investing

With security provided by the property itself, trust deeds are secure, managed, fixed rate investments with none of the uncertainty and worry investors hate. Unlike fly by night, unsecured investments, trust deeds have several major advantages: A) Our security is tangible – property. Instead of a company that could fold, or shares which could lose their value in a downturn, the properties we use as security offer solid, long term value. Why be at the mercy of strikes, SEC investigations or new competitors when trust deeds offer security you can touch and feel? B) Our security is covered by hazard

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Foreclosure Process

Choosing to invest in Nevada real estate can be remarkably profitable; especially with the growing number of REO and foreclosed properties available on the market.  Each of these procedures is very prominent as a means of investing in real estate.  Although sometimes referred to as equivalents, they are actually distinctly different.  REO is the acronym for Real Estate Owned, which suggests that a property is owned by the bank.  A REO generally occurs as the resultof a foreclosure and it is crucial foran investor to fully understand how the process works. In the case that a homeowner fails to make

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What You Need to Know: Foreclosures and Short Sales

Purchasing a home is by far one of the most important decisions you will ever make. After weighing all the benefits, you may determine that home ownership is the best option for you. Of course, there are variant developments in the process that eager home buyers must overcome prior to selecting the right property confidently. More so, the borrower has to be sure that they are willing and able to commit to keeping their promise as it relates to the transaction costs of buying a house. In many instances and under the most duress circumstances, many homeowners find themselves in

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Buying a Foreclosed Home

Making an investment in Las Vegas real estate is one of the most financially rewarding opportunities in the country. The market for Las Vegas homes offers savvy buyers significant prospects in securing highly attractive, long term investments at record breaking prices. In particular, the amplified level of sales in Las Vegas real estate is primarily due to the aggressive investments in foreclosures and/or short sales, which averages up to 50% of the total completed monthly transactions. The intensive level of investment interest in Las Vegas homes reflects the overreaction to short-term housing and economic trends, while highlighting long-term options and

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Maximizing Your Investment Dollars with Trust Deeds

An alternative investment such as Trust Deeds is an empowering means for introducing diversification, higher returns, and real estate into your investment portfolio. Entry into the world of deeds of trust opens doors to a wide spectrum of investment opportunities. If you are looking for things like higher returns and investment diversification, investing in Trust Deeds could be the wisest investment decision you make this year. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, trust deed investing is a great way to ensure that your hard earned dollars produce a more consistent and fixed ROI. If you are considering

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Whether you are positive you want to be a trust deed investor, or whether you just want to investigate, here is the process: 1. “REGISTER” AS A USER OF THE SITE – this will give you access to all of the trust deed screens. Once you register, I will receive an email with your registration information, and I will give you a call (or you can call me at 702-214-4700) and indicate that you just registered on the site, and my staff will put you through to me.  Why do we need to speak on the phone?  Read #2 below.

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helped my wife

You have helped my wife and me to secure a comfortable level of financial security during our retirement years and saved us from a possibly devastating situation. This is our story.

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spent prudently

We’ve saved, spent prudently, and focused on increasing our net worth for most of our lives. We don’t try any of the “get rich now” schemes, don’t gamble with the latest “hot stocks” don’t play the lotteries or at the casinos. We’ve taken a balanced approach to wealth management, investing in items with lasting value, properties, and, of course, stock market driven employee retirement plans.

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