first met

We (my wife and I) first met Corinne Cordon/ Capella Mortgage Corp. (A Hard Money Lender) in early 2011 to finance two high-rise condos we have in Vegas. She was very positive from the first that she would be able to help us, even though it is very difficult to finance high rises. We were impressed and decided to go with her.

mortgage company

Then we were contacted by another mortgage company: a hard money lender, whom we had worked with before. So mistakenly, we decided to go with them since we had a history with them. Everything went ok until about 1 hour after we signed the escrow docs – we were sent an e-mail stating that the lender backed out and there was nothing more that they could do for us, (we did not even get the courtesy of a phone call).

Mr. and Mrs. C, Calfornia

We then timidly called Corinne back, not knowing what to expect since we dropped her the last time. But we were only met with the same positive attitude from her, which made us realize that we should have stayed with her the first time. She never faltered and worked tirelessly, and even though damage had been done by the other mortgage co. she never gave up. She even personally , took investors to the units, she worked day and night and got it done for us. Corinne and Capella Mortgage Corp. have an excellent work ethic and they make sure their clients have 200% of their time and effort. We recommend Corinne Cordon and Capella Mortgage Corp. to anyone seeking, mortgage help, or hard money lending in these difficult times. Mr. and Mrs. C, Calfornia.

Mr. Bob Beckett

Listed below is a testimonial from Mr. Bob Beckett regarding his $145k loan that we closed last week thanks to the funding provided by Mr. HBC. People wonder why we work 80 hours per week, or push through when we are sick – but it is because people are counting on us. The media portrays lenders, especially hard money lenders, as low-life snakes forcing people into loans they can’t afford, but that isn’t the truth. So many times we save someone from what they perceive as a “life or death” situation, and our investors don’t get to see the absolute joy on people’s faces when their loans close, after they thought they had lost everything. It’s not just about the money, so read the testimonial below, but remember that this couldn’t happen without the support of so many people…..

Thanks to you

Dear Corinne: Thanks to you and your extraordinarily competent staff at Capella Mortgage.

helped my wife

You have helped my wife and me to secure a comfortable level of financial security during our retirement years and saved us from a possibly devastating situation. This is our story.

going well

All was going well until life dealt us a series of setbacks. First was the fraud perpetuated by my employer, MCI/WorldCom. This had a negative effect on our finances, but was survivable. The second was a work related injury that left my son-in-law unable to support his family for more than four years. We stepped in and supported our daughter and grandchildren until they could resume normal lives. This support put our retirement in jeopardy. The third setback was the collapse of the real estate market and the losses we all took in our stock market driven retirement accounts. This was devastating to our retirement planning and required that we make a new plan for retirement.

always planned

We had always planned on having the resources to own our home, outright, during retirement. We started our retirement plan with this as a foundation and added as a requirement that the home could be easily maintained, house the physically disabled, have close proximity to medical and shopping facilities, offer physical security and community facilities, and above all, be affordable for us. We gave up the “own outright” for a life tenancy as offered by a reverse mortgage because of the financial setbacks we incurred. We found and wrote a contract for a new home that offered us all of our requirements including an ultra-efficient energy package which included a full solar system which will absolutely minimize our annual cost for housing.

contract was signed

Once the contract was signed, we applied for the reverse mortgage. We were continuously assured that we were qualified and that the mortgage was virtually “in the bag”. Then, two days before the closing date, we were told that because my wife was still working in San Jose, that she couldn’t meet the occupancy requirements specified in the underwriting regulations. In other words, she had to retire and we could have the mortgage approved, but that wasn’t something she could do just yet. She had worked for Toshiba for 24 years and 10 months, and she could not quit until she reached the 25 year mark.

Corinne stepped in

This is when Corinne stepped in. She didn’t tell me “yes” the first time we spoke; but she called me back in two days and told me that she could get it done. She worked literally around the clock to find us an investor, coordinate all the documentation, and get the house closed and in our names against a very short deadline. She is a rarity in our society. She is the definition of professionalism, commitment, integrity, and no nonsense. She took on my problem as if it were her own and provided the services of her entire staff to make this transaction happen for us. I owe her a debt of gratitude which I will work hard to repay.

all I need

Now, all I need to find is a reverse mortgage originator with the same qualities demonstrated by Corinne and her staff and we will be set up for comfortable retirement living, and, as you can probably guess, Corinne has made a strong recommendation for this also. I am very thankful that I was referred to her, and I am glad that she is able to provide this type of short term “emergency funding” for people in difficult situations like us. Thank you Corinne!