How to Safely Earn
Double-Digit Returns
in Real Estate

Without Flipping, Rehabbing, or Renting

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My name is Corinne Cordon and I’ve been in the business of lending money for more than 20 years. I’d like to tell you how you can get 10% or more annual return – yes, 10% or more – from a little-known real estate investment: trust deeds.

Please take some time to learn more about this amazing opportunity and who is the best candidate to make this type of investment. If you feel like trust deeds are right for you, please take a moment to complete our pre-qualification form, or feel free to call me at 702-214-4700 and I’ll be happy to speak with you about how you can earn your double-digit returns.


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If you’re looking for a steady, reliable investment you can count on, you’re in the right place.

You’ve heard it before:

“Real estate is the best investment…”

But who wants the headache of taking care of all that property?

House-flippers must deal with the time crunch of finding properties, fixing them up, finding buyers, negotiating a sale, fighting with the appraiser, paying the buyer’s closing costs, paying the realtors…it’s a LOT of work!

Landlords (and landladies) need to worry about things like tenants, fixing toilets, collecting rents, evicting tenants, etc. On the top of that, they also get phone calls at all times of the day and night, and they have to scour the earth looking for a trustworthy property manager to take care of the problems, which costs 8-10% of the monthly payment.

Banks don’t have ANY of these headaches.

If a bank holds a mortgage for a homeowner, the bank isn’t responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and day-to-day managing of the property. That responsibility is the buyers.

The bank loans a percentage of the value to the borrower, holds the paper and gets monthly ACH payments deposited directly to their account every month!

The problem is House-flippers can’t go to banks to get funds for their real estate purchases, because it doesn’t make sense for a bank to make short-term loans. Due to the costs of underwriting, banks need long-term loans to make it worth their while.

Many homebuyers often have non-traditional or inconsistent sources of income, and because banks must work within the strict confines of policies and guidelines, some buyers (even those that have large down payments) can’t get bank financing. Additionally, it is quite common for a Borrower to need their funds much faster than the typical 30+ days it takes a bank to close a loan in order to capitalize on a profitable venture.

Banks won’t listen to the Borrowers’ story and if all the boxes aren’t checked, those Borrowers don’t get funded. 

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In business since February 2002. Investing in trust deeds since 1997.


If You’re Sick and Tired of All The Unknowns in Other Investments…

The stock market goes up and down…

Real estate comes with a lot of headaches (like dealing with tenants and broken toilets…)

You feel like you need to be an expert, or you can’t participate in high-return investing…

You’re tired of the fees that all investment “opportunities” seem to have, precisely so they can grab the money out of your pocket…

It’s Time for You to Get The Greatest Possible Return for Your Money, with the Safest Possible Investment

You’re tired of dabbling in all the other problematic investments. You want something that is stable. That provides you with leverage. And that rises in value over time, no matter what happens in the market.

Of course, the answer is, real estate. It’s tangible, not “virtual paper” like stocks and bonds. And it helps you diversify your portfolio. But you don’t want to be a landlord or a house-flipper.

Instead, you can be LIKE THE BANK and invest in real estate, while letting other people do all the heavy lifting.

The Best Kept Secret in Investing….

Even better than investing directly in property, is being an investor for a short-term real estate loan called a trust deed.

Most often, these loans take the place of a mortgage, because it doesn’t make sense for a bank to make this type of short-term loan. Due to the costs of underwriting, banks need long-term loans to make it worth their while.

But house-flippers often have non-traditional sources of income, and they often need to get a loan much faster than the 30+ days that is typical of bank loans. Banks also must work within the confines of federal regulations, and the short-term loans needed by house-flippers are outside the bank’s underwriting capabilities.

With a high annual return – 10% or more – and relatively low risk, well-structured trust deeds are the best-kept secret in investing!

Meet our Staff


Corinne Cordon
CEO of Capella Mortgage

She started Capella Commercial Mortgage in February 2002, but she has been originating loans since 1996. She was mentored by another long-time private money lender, who has since passed away.


Matthew Dale
Broker and Co-owner

He has been involved in the mortgage industry and Capella Mortgage since he was 16 years old, with one brief stint at Ride Now Motorsports for three months. He underwrites all hard money loans.